Joe Erdeljac

Are you thinking about upgrading your display?  Consider a custom sequence by Custom Light Creations; I highly recommend them.  They not only created custom sequences for our display; they provided invaluable assistance getting the custom sequences transferred to my show directory.  Plus they helped with a number of layout issues that I didn’t even know I’d messed up.  I lost track of the amount of time they helped during late November/early December an extremely busy time of the year.  While I was in near-panic mode, they where calm and reassuring that we’d get any issue fixed and with their help we did.


Oh and the custom sequences they created, were awesome, outstanding, & tremendous. They where able to capture the mood of the song with the sequencing effects they used.  There was one song, called “How Many Kings” by Downhere, that I tried to sequence on more than a couple occasions but I could never capture the emotion of the song. Custom Light Creations captured the emotion perfectly. 


If you’re considering upgrading your display, consider adding custom sequences and be sure to contact Richard or Dan.  You can spend thousands of dollars on more lights, controllers, wire, etc., but if your sequences are average your show will still be average but a little bigger.  With a custom sequence; think of all the time you’ll save, plus you’ll create a “Wow” moment for someone watching your display.  Custom Light Creations can and will create that “Wow” moment for your show. 

Michelle Kraklow

Custom Light Creations came to my rescue when another programmer dropped the ball on a sequence for me! They heard what had happened to me and offered to do it for me within a few days of my show starting. Custom Light Creations is a wealth of knowledge with sequencing; they listen to their customers, great communication and outstanding customer service.  Even if I have a question they have made the time to answer.  Since then I have reached out to Custom Light creations for help with a few other songs and they have always been happy to help. I will never hesitate to use Custom Light Creations on new projects for the future.  Highly recommend. 

Ben Monro

I was Lucky enough in 2018 to have Custom Light Creation sequence a song for me. I emailed them my song of choice was “king and country’s" little drummer boy. I emailed them my layout and they sure did work their magic, the sequence they created for me blew my mind they did a awesome job and did things with my display that I had never thought of. I have no hesitation in recommend Custom Light Creations to anyone, you will be pleased with the creation that they will add to your display all the way through the process they kept in touch with me and asked for my feedback, that feedback was wow keep doing what your doing it is awesome. I could not recommend anyone more qualified than Custom Light creations.

Craig "Plasmadrive" Nelson

My review of Custom Light Creations services:

For our rather large Christmas display we ran into a programming deadline which we could not make due to last the minute addition of our animatronic orchestra.  This is the first time this had happened (running out of time), to us in the many years of putting up elaborate displays.  We had music selected and about 36,000 channels worth of props to light.  We needed a programmer to help to take the files and return a finished "show quality" sequence for our display.  Custom Light Creations (CLC), was contacted and agreed to get this done by the time we needed it.

We had always made our own props and programmed (sequenced) all the displays to the music, so I was a bit skeptical as to what would be returned to us. We are very specific as to what we like in our displays.  I have to say, I was truly pleased and amazed at the final outcome of "show quality " sequence CLC had programmed for us, AND on time!  I had to make ZERO adjustments to the final program. We ran it as the finally of every cycle of our display for the year.  Our audience loved it as much as we did. 

I have seen CLC's programming on other large commercial displays since that time and I have continued to marvel at the outcome.  I highly recommend CLC's programming services and would not hesitate to use them again. 

Jeff Messer

 WOW. What a show we had this year with over 100,000 vehicles at the display this year. Our display is a Christian based display where we use the nativity scene and a metal frame of Jesus a lot in our show.  With 125,000 channels to play with and program it becomes a challenge to come up with different ideas on the props and songs.

A new song came out this year named Christmas Noel by Lauren Daigle that really hit me  in  the heart with the words and meaning of the song.  It truly raises the hair on the back of my neck every time I hear this song.  While I was in the shop one day and Richard Renn of Custom Light Creations (CLC) and I made contact with each other. I was so excited to tell him how this song really moved me and he listened to it while I was on the phone with him. I told him what my ideas were on this sequence.  He said that tears developed in his eyes when he listened to it. Knowing his talent I decided to ask him if he would like to program this song for me.  He said he would be honored to make it part of our Christ based show. The deal was made!

After a few conversations with CLC it was time for me to receive the files. Not only did I get the files I received step by step instructions on how to install it. To my amazement when I opened the sequence I also found a 3D mapping of our show so we could see it at a better angle. I have been doing a light show for 12 years and CLC took it over the top and with zero edits. I do get out and speak to most folks that drive 100’s of miles to see the show and they told me that the Christmas Noel sequence is the best they have ever seen. Having the sequence from CLC in the show really made me proud. LOL. I may have taken credit for it a time or two but deep down it was CLC that made it happen for me.

In closing, if you are reading this most know  my display is not small and CLC was able to bring it to life. I would recommend Richard and Dan of CLC any day to sequence a song or even fire off some fireworks for you. Feel free to contact me on facebook to discuss his talents.

THANK YOU Richard!